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Time to just go for it....

Written by Talisha Anderson


Posted on October 16 2018

Well it's finally time to just sh*t or get off the pot. This blog has been in the works for over a year now. I honestly was hoping I could get someone else to be my in house blogger but in the end it all came back to me.

I am not a writer. It is not my strength. You will probably find errors in my writing or grammar. Even though I will have given it more than three different spell checks I'm sure the grammar police will be cringing. But, I said screw it and am taking the dive because I want to share with my audience my creations and thoughts.

I am more of the artsy fartsy type...sort of..I love to create and design. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I am not the best artist but I sure do try damn hard to do the best I can and I'm probably my worst critic.

How the e-commerce began.....

In February of 2016 I left my job at the state print shop in hopes that I'd be able to earn some money selling my shirt designs online while caring for my three kids as a stay at home mom. I had already had some success and was hoping to continue the momentum.

Fast forward two and a half years. I'm still creating and selling but the dynamic has totally changed. My kids come first, that's an obvious conclusion, but now instead of only selling off of third party sites I have my own website that I run by myself.

The struggle is real when it comes to balancing working and being mom. Some just have the gift. I have part of that gift! ;) 

If I could wish for a trait it would be to have OCD in organization. I wear so many hats trying to run my online business by myself that I struggle with staying completely organized. I like to say I'm more of an "organized chaos type". It drives my husband nuts. I am constantly over multi tasking and in the end I usually have a bunch of stuff left out rather than just putting it away because well...I was going to finish it tomorrow so why put it all then turns into 5 days! I know where everything is but anyone working with me wouldn't. I'm working on improving that ;)

It's satisfying in the end but it's also a struggle. The world of e-commerce is ever changing and it's becoming more saturated and I work hard to try and stay on top of the game. It hasn't totally panned out the way I hoped but it's panned out enough that I get to still stay home and be there for my kids 100% off the time.

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work - Colin Powell

The hard work is never over. As I tell my son who is just getting into sports. "You never stop learning or getting better, even as a pro you're always learning more and perfecting your game" That is exactly what I am doing. Working hard so I can be a stay at home mom and also continue to create for my customers. I want it to be more than just a hobby. I want to show my customers I care about what I am selling to them.

Now a little bit about BKG Creations!

What does that name stand for? It's the First initials of my three kids, well....funny story my business actually started out as Buy Kool Goods. I only had Grant, my oldest, and thought I was being clever using a K for cool. But in the end it all worked out because after my third child that BK and G matched my kids initials and to stray away from the buy kool goods name I was able to officially create MY business name that incorporated my 3 well 4 loves . ;)

Now a little bit about Me.....

I was born in Springfield, Oregon. I spent most of my first 18 years there (I had short stays in Idaho and Colorado when I was real young with my dad being a commercial pilot) It's funny how things change though because even though I still consider myself an Oregonian it's getting closer to that being farther away from the truth as I have almost lived in Nevada longer than I have in Oregon. It's sad in a sense. I don't see us moving unless some amazing opportunity happened. I'll eventually consider myself an official "Nevada" but I'll always have my Oregon roots.

I grew up a major tomboy. Sports were life! I played every sport I could from 1st grade on. Mainly on boys teams until I got my core group of girls we played all the sports together with. My dream was also to play D1 college basketball and I also loved to create. I wasn't the best artist but everything I did had a creative touch to it. Graphic design has always been part of my calling. I always got it and understood it best. It just clicked liked basketball. 

I had lots of athletic success throughout my life and was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of playing Division 1 basketball. Like the rest of my life it didn't go exactly as planned but through hard work and dedication it happened! 

Family life....

I met my husband during the summer going into my junior year of high school. He had recently graduated high school from a very small town on the southern Oregon coast and came to Springfield that summer to stay with his older sister and work for the park and rec district. Our first meeting was in June of 1999 during a 24 hour relay for life. He initially had a girlfriend but they broke up that 4th of July weekend. I had heard about it and the following weekend I was the one to ask him out on a movie date on January 9th and his reply was, "yes, I have nothing better to do"...(we didn't realize it when we picked the move out but it was a terrorist movie, Arlington Road lol) ..I was also the first to kiss him in my red VW Jetta as I dropped him back off that night the rest was history!

We have been together ever since. We were married 5 years after we started dating on July 10th, 2004. He followed me to Reno where I pursued my dream of playing D1 basketball and luck would have it he got into the electrical apprenticeship which in the end kept us here and has been such a blessing overall for us.

Our family expanded on March 2011 when we had our first son Grant. May 2014 we had our daughter Kylan and August of 2015 we had our surprise baby, Brett. Even though we didn't plan for him we couldn't imagine it any other way. 


I will end this first blog entry at that. I gave you a lot of info in a short amount of writing to start this new journey of blogging. I hope you continue to follow me and we can connect as I write about mom life, recipes, products, recommendations and anything else my little heart desires. 



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